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Stocklytics is a simple, easy way to get quotes, graphs, charts, news and twitter result about a particular stock. We currently support the three major US markets NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE.

We've developed sentiment analysis technology to determine if a tweet/article has a positive or negative outlook on the future of a stock, we collate this information and tell you if the current discussion around a particular stock is positive or negative.

Our platform is completely in real time, we take every effort to minimize data delay, and display information cleanly in an easy to use manner.

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DISCLAIMER: Data is provided for information purposes only. Realtime data may be delayed by our exchange. Discussion positivity based on most recent 50 articles/tweets. Stocklytics is not a financial institution or a financial advisory institution. Nothing on this page should be considered an indication to buy or sell stocks. All trades should be discussed with an independent financial advisor.